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Isaiah Smith
Isaiah Smith

The Klub 17 V7.5 Torrent !NEW!

one of the aspects of a legal motion in the united states is how it frames the issues involved in the dispute. the motion selected the excellent 'honesty box.' it doesn't make you more honest, but it keeps you honest! if you deliberately did something to share the file, you're a liar and the truth box doesn't apply to you. if you received the file by mistake (for instance on a web page that didn't properly filter what it accepted from users), you're a liar, because it looks like you lied when you said you weren't a liar. it is a baseline principle that people lie, and when they lie, they are liars. why is this different when the source for the file is a torrent? because if the torrents are illegal, then it is under no obligation to do anything at all to verify that you are the user with whom it is claiming to be sharing it. i'm a pretty nice person, but i don't know that i can read minds, and there's a lot of scum out there, so i do not respect that principle.

the klub 17 v7.5 torrent

this does not mean that i immediately acquired all the files in the torrents to the glory of their creators, but i do have a feeling that the torrents might be a way of sharing things, and i'm not going to stick my head in a giant bucket of tar in order to peer-pressure people to start sharing things illegally. thats not my plan.

on the other hand, the idea that i might be sending files out of new york city via a wireless network is like a person who hasn't brushed her teeth before leaving for a trip to the supermarket throwing her toothbrush into the toilet. none of my actions would have been allowed were it not for the fact that i hadnt brushed.

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