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Buy Boat Miami

Spanning five days from February 15-19, the Discover Boating Miami International Boat Show features more than 1,000 exhibitors and boats. The Miami International Boat Show and the Miami Yacht Show joined forces to create this new show, which is one of the largest in the world. The show is based at the Miami Beach Convention Center and will be held in a total of six locations. Beyond the boats, the 2023 show will also offer seminars, interactive boating experiences and the latest in aquatic recreation.

buy boat miami


How you visit the show depends entirely on what you want to do. Those looking to either tour or buy boats under 49 feet should head to the Miami Beach Convention Center in South Beach, where vendors will be showcasing hundreds of smaller boats.

Are you into powerboats and motor yachts? Head across the MacArthur Causeway to One Herald Plaza in Downtown Miami for a showcase of motor yachts from 30 to 125 feet, as well as yacht tenders and marine accessories. On Friday night, VIP ticket holders and guests invited by participating brokerages can attend Yachts After Dark, an exclusive after-hours event on the dock with music and cocktails.

While the Discover Boating Miami International Boat Show is aimed at people who are interested in shopping for or buying a boat, it does offer the Boat Show Experience at Pride Park (mentioned above), where families and anyone not buying boats can enjoy themselves. Check out the educational seminars, activity zones for the whole family, daily entertainment, and food and drink.

Proudly serving South Florida, Bob Hewes Boats carries a wide variety of used boats for sale. Our boats are inspected and ready to set sail! Stop by our dealership in Miami, FL to browse our selection of used boats. With over 96 years in the industry, our experienced staff can help you pick the boat of your dreams!

If you are interested in attending the shows to get a taste of life in boating shoes, the Miami International Boat Show will be coming up on February 16 to 20, in gorgeous Miami Beach. For residents of Palm Beach County, the Palm Beach Boat Show is on March 24 to 27, in West Palm Beach. Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show is the final boat show of the year in South Florida. It is on October 26 to 30, in Downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Step 3: Save up and get pre-approved. Just like an auto loan, you can also get pre-approved for your boat. Knowing the cost of the boat you desire, will allow you to save for the down payment. The greater the down payment means manageable monthly payments.

Step 4: Buy your tickets to the boat show! Now that you know how financing a boat works, you can attend the boat shows with confidence, knowing that Tropical Financial will help you get beyond money and ready for the open waters.

Looking for some serious gator action? Gator Park is the premier airboat tour in the Florida Everglades to spy these fierce reptiles. Airboat rides depart every few minutes, so your Everglades experience begins the moment you arrive. We also offer private airboat tours for a more up close and personal look at the alligators.

Get ready for the ride of your life. The Gator Park Airboat Tour begins by winding down the canal, providing plenty of photo ops to catch wildlife in their natural habitat. Experienced guides offer tips to ensure you spot alligators large and small...

Our brokerage and inventory boats are presented with professional boat photos, accurate and complete descriptons, and running videos - all taken by our staff. Your inquiry will be answered by a competent yacht broker, who has seen the boat and can answer your questions.

RL Boats is a South Florida yacht broker, serving boat sellers, and sophisticated clients, looking to buy a boat, researching boat prices, and looking for quality used boats for sale. We help sellers realize the full value of their boat, and sell it fast. RL Boats actively markets used boats for sale via social media, paid Facebook and Instagram ads, YouTube boat videos, as well as emails to qualified buyers.For budget-oriented buyers, exporters, and international buyers in addition to brokerage boats and boats from classifieds like Craigslist; we offer wholesale boats from dealer boat auctions like Manheim and Adesa, and insurance boat auctions like IAA and Copart.

Frank advised me to wait a bit, and over the next few months we saw the price slowly walking downward. Once it got to $2,200, I decided to pull the trigger. It was still twice the cost of the boat, but a five-seater electric boat in the US would easily be $10,000, so I was still coming out ahead.

I took a deep breath and sent Frank a bank transfer, then waited a few weeks until my boat was done. Frank and I had a video call so he could show me the boat, then he crated it up and got it on a bigger boat headed for Miami port.

Sure, you can get a bare bones electric pontoon boat with an empty hull (add your own seats and, well, everything) for around $10K in the US, but this little five-seater Chinese electric boat was more or less complete.

Next I had to get the boat lifted up to the level of a trailer, and that was another lift-one-end-at-a-time situation while I slid wooden blocks under it to walk it up to approximately hip height. From that height, I was able to back the trailer under the bow and then my father and I pushed the boat the rest of the way onto the trailer. 041b061a72

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