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Makino (ONE PIECE)

The Female Ace stories (one-shots) have shortened chapters of this fanfic, the titles are that of the chapter. They're mostly smut so if you only feel like reading those that's where you should go to read them. They also give some spoilers for this story. I originally wrote this first but only posted the smut chapters.

Makino (ONE PIECE)

In another world, Luffy hates pirates and wants to be a Marine. Uta wants to be a famous pirate just like her father. What happens when they meet out in the open seas? Find out now.Also this is the first time I wrote anything, so don't expect a masterpiece.I do not own One Piece.

In her prime, Makino was considered THE STRONGEST character in One piece Legacy, even stronger then Orwell, but she was still defeated by him. She was considered the best candidate for Pirate King in 200 years, before her death.

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