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Fatiha Ka Tarika PDF: A Simple and Easy Way of Performing Fatiha and Esal-e-Sawab

And then you can say the Fatiha, three times saying Aad-e-hamdulillah. Its good to keep your hands in extended positions, palms up, fingertips touching each other. Keep your hands between knees or on the lap while saying the Fatiha.

fatiha ka tarika pdf download

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Fatiha ka sitara hindi or urdu with English translation is mentioned below. Fatiha is offering more than 20 prayers to God for His Mercy and Guidance. These prayers can be recited at different times of the day.

PDF files are now becoming more and more popular due to its use in more than just as a webpage or format. It is used as a data transfer or data storage format. Al-Quran in Urdu & Fatiha Ka Tarika is an app which allows you to download Al-Fatiha in Urdu from Maktabas (Ar. Shakhsiyas), Tazkia and Tafseers (Ar. Tafseer). The language of Al-Fatiha in Urdu and Fatiha translation in Urdu is given in Arabic.

Al Fatihah is the first chapter of the holy Quran and it is the first surah of the Quran. According to the sharia law, reciting this portion is the greatest form of remembrance of Allah. The fatihah is the first verse of the Quran that Muslims are required to say or read in Friday prayer. The Fatihah states: "In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful".

Fatihah Al-Furqan- The Opening is an English translation of the Quran's first verse (the Arabic-text verses are numbered 1-72 in Urdu). Fatiha in Arabic can be translated as opening and opening up the womb of women in Arabic is al-futuwwa. This word is more commonly used in its masculine form of al-fatiha. The word came from the Arabic verb fatan or fatana or al-futoon.

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