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Ishti Kutum: The Bengali Serial that Keeps You Hooked. Don't Miss the 23rd May Episode!

Bengali Serial Ishti Kutum 23rd May: A Recap

If you are a fan of Bengali serials, you might have watched Ishti Kutum, a popular family drama-comedy show that aired on Star Jalsha from 2011 to 2015. The show was about the life of Bahamoni Soren, a tribal girl who was forced to marry a journalist from Kolkata, Archisman Mukherjee, after spending a night in his room during a storm. The show depicted the struggles and challenges faced by Baha as she tried to adjust to the city life and the complicated relationships with Archi and his family.

bengali serial ishti kutum 23rd may

In this article, we will recap the episode of Ishti Kutum that aired on 23rd May 2015. This was one of the last episodes of the show, as it ended on 13th December 2015. Here are some of the highlights of the episode:

  • Baha and Archi are happy to celebrate their anniversary and plan to go out for dinner. Baha surprises Archi with a gift of a watch and a card.

  • Kamalika, Archi's ex-girlfriend and Mon's mother, calls Archi and asks him to meet her urgently. She tells him that she is in trouble and needs his help. Archi agrees to meet her, but lies to Baha that he has some work at the office.

  • Kamalika tells Archi that she is being blackmailed by someone who has some evidence of their past affair. She asks Archi to pay the blackmailer 10 lakh rupees or else he will expose them. Archi is shocked and angry, but agrees to help Kamalika.

  • Baha waits for Archi at the restaurant, but he does not show up. She calls him several times, but he does not answer. She feels hurt and suspicious.

  • Archi meets the blackmailer at a deserted place and gives him the money. The blackmailer gives him a pen drive that contains the evidence. Archi takes the pen drive and leaves.