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Harano Shur Uttam Kumar Suchitra Sen Torrent 6

Harano Shur Uttam Kumar Suchitra Sen Torrent 6

Harano Shur (The Lost Tune) is a 1957 Bengali romantic drama film directed by Ajoy Kar, starring Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen, with music by Hemant Kumar and sung by Geeta Dutt. The film is based on the 1942 American film Random Harvest and is regarded as one of the finest examples of Bengali cinema of this early period. The film became a huge success at the box office and the highest grossing Bengali film of 1957.

The film tells the story of Alok Mukherjee (Uttam Kumar), a man who suffers from amnesia after a train accident and is rescued by Doctor Roma Banerjee (Suchitra Sen), who falls in love with him and marries him. However, another accident restores Alok's memory of his previous life as a rich businessman in Calcutta, but erases his memories of Roma. Roma follows him to Calcutta and tries to remind him of their love, but faces many obstacles and challenges.

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The film is famous for its melodious songs, such as "Tumi Je Amar" (You Are Mine), "Ei Sundar Swarnali Sandhyay" (This Beautiful Golden Evening), and "Moner Janala Dhore" (Open the Window of Your Heart), which are still popular among Bengali music lovers. The film also showcases the chemistry between Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen, who are considered as the most iconic pair of Bengali cinema.

If you want to watch this classic film, you can download it from the torrent link below. However, please note that this is an illegal way of obtaining the film and we do not endorse or support piracy. We recommend you to watch the film legally from authorized sources.


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