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T Square Truth 20th Anniversary Rar

T Square Truth 20th Anniversary Rar: A Masterpiece of Jazz Fusion

If you are a fan of jazz fusion, you probably know about T Square, one of the most influential bands in the genre. T Square is a Japanese group that has been active since 1978, and has released over 40 albums, including live recordings and compilations. One of their most acclaimed albums is Truth, which was released in 1987 and featured their signature song of the same name.

T Square Truth 20th Anniversary Rar

Truth is a perfect example of T Square's style, which combines elements of jazz, rock, funk, and classical music. The album showcases the band's virtuosity, creativity, and harmony, as well as their ability to create catchy melodies and grooves. The album also features guest appearances by saxophonist Michael Brecker and guitarist Lee Ritenour, who add their own flavor to the mix.

In 2007, T Square celebrated the 20th anniversary of Truth by releasing a special edition of the album, called Truth 20th Anniversary Rar. This edition includes remastered versions of the original tracks, as well as bonus tracks that were recorded live at the Tokyo International Forum in 2006. The live tracks capture the energy and excitement of T Square's performance, and demonstrate how they have evolved over the years.

Truth 20th Anniversary Rar is a must-have for any jazz fusion lover, as it offers a rare opportunity to enjoy one of the best albums in the genre in a new light. Whether you are new to T Square or a longtime fan, you will surely appreciate the quality and diversity of this album.

One of the highlights of Truth 20th Anniversary Rar is the live version of Truth, which is arguably T Square's most famous song. The song was composed by keyboardist Hirotaka Izumi, and features a memorable melody that is played by saxophone and guitar in unison. The song also has a complex structure that changes tempo and mood several times, creating a dynamic and engaging listening experience. The live version of Truth showcases the band's tightness and skill, as they play the song with precision and passion.

Another standout track on Truth 20th Anniversary Rar is Samurai Metropolis, which was originally released on T Square's 1989 album Wave. Samurai Metropolis is a fast-paced and energetic song that reflects the urban landscape of Tokyo. The song features a driving rhythm section, a powerful horn section, and a dazzling guitar solo by Masahiro Andoh, who is the leader and main composer of T Square. Samurai Metropolis is a thrilling ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Truth 20th Anniversary Rar also includes some tracks that are not from the original Truth album, but are related to it in some way. For example, there is a live version of Omens of Love, which was the first song that T Square recorded with saxophonist Takeshi Itoh, who joined the band in 1985 and became one of their core members. Omens of Love is a romantic and smooth song that showcases Itoh's expressive and soulful playing. There is also a live version of Takarajima, which was composed by Izumi as a tribute to Truth, and features a similar melody and structure. Takarajima is a beautiful and nostalgic song that pays homage to T Square's legacy.


T Square Truth 20th Anniversary Rar is a rare and valuable album that offers a unique perspective on one of the most influential jazz fusion bands in history. The album contains remastered and live versions of the songs from Truth, as well as exclusive tracks that are not available elsewhere. The album showcases T Square's musical excellence, diversity, and innovation, as well as their ability to connect with their audience and create memorable moments. If you are a fan of jazz fusion, or just curious about this genre, you should definitely check out this album. You will not regret it. d282676c82

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